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Leading the design and manufacture of equipment, consumables and software, in addition to providing support services for the marking & coding, product traceability and authentication and digital textile printing markets.

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Building connected and safe supply chains through innovative marking and coding solutions seamlessly integrated with product identification and traceability software and services

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Developing effective printing solutions through innovative software, inks and consumables, along with printing systems for the digital textile, soft signage and specialty materials markets


Through its inkjet solutions, Markem-Imaje helps Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company add a date to indicate beer freshness and personalized messages to each can that rolls off their production line.


Markem-Imaje partners with Nutrition & Santé to step up its traceability needs with one essential requirement: a guarantee to deliver “zero marking error” products to its final consumers.


Markem-Imaje is part of Dover Corporation and is a trusted global manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of market-leading and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser and print and apply label systems, along with the software and consumable solutions to go with them.

Dover Digital Printing

Dover Digital Printing is comprised of the brands of Caldera, Kiian Digital, J-Teck, MS Printing and Sawgrass Industrial and provides a complete solution of digital printing needs while driving efficiency for customers, and leading to greater speed, accuracy and profitability.

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Who doesn’t enjoy plopping onto a patio chair, kicking their feet up and sipping on an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day? Odds are, you probably focus the majority of your attention on the lemonade. But when’s the last time you considered the comfy cushion on that patio chair? Where exactly does it come from? How is it made?
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