At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

At Hydro Systems, our proportioning, dosing and dispensing solutions contribute to the long-term well-being of people and the environment. Our products are used to accurately dilute and/or dispense concentrated cleaning chemicals so they can be safely and effectively used in commercial cleaning applications, such as: food service, health care, supermarket, institutional, school, building service contractor, and industrial markets. Hydro's products promote environmental-responsibility, cost control, worker safety, proper chemical performance - especially important in bacteria-control areas like retail-food and health care. Our innovative ICS Automatic/Touch-free Cleaning System is an effective "Green Cleaning" solution.

The Hydro Systems' battery-powered ICS Automatic/Touch-free Cleaning System is a self-contained portable-cleaning system that uses correctly dosed cleaning chemicals that are applied by spray nozzle using low-flow/low-pressure technology. The ICS Series' unique low flow design uses only half-a-gallon of cleaning solution per minute, eliminating the need for wet/dry-vac recovery and the handling of contaminated water, while at the same time reducing operator physical stress and slip-and-fall risk.

Additional Sustainability Benefits include:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Utilizes a recyclable rechargeable battery system with an energy consumption rate less than 1/10th the amount of traditional cord and power-outlet units

Saves Natural Resources

Uses 50% less water than traditional automated cleaning systems

Reduces Chemical Usage

Uses 50% less chemical than traditional automated cleaning systems

Protects Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The low flow rate (0.5 gpm) eliminates the need to vacuum/recover contaminated water and chemical solution, thereby avoiding any risk of particulate redistribution through the vacuum exhaust

Eliminates Noise Pollution

Improves User Safety and Wellbeing

The low pressure delivery (<100psi) significantly reduces the risk of spray-back of potentially harmful bacteria-contaminated water

Eliminates Noise Pollution

Near-silent operation

Protects Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Eliminates Chemical Waste While Improving Sanitation Standards

Patented dilution control technology ensures that cleaning and sanitizing chemicals are correctly dosed every time

Promotes Safer Workplace

Reduces physical stress on workers and eliminates direct contact with concentrated chemicals